Hospice Care

The goal of hospice during a terminal illness is compassionate care and comfort rather than a cure. To be eligible for hospice, a doctor must verify a prognosis of six months or less of life, if the patient's illness runs its natural course.

Our team members care for you during visits wherever you live. In addition to scheduled visits, our nurses are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer questions or make an emergency visit. We can help you find around-the-clock caregiver support or other outside resources as needed.

During our visits, the team provides patients with

  • Pain and symptom management
  • Medical care, including medical supplies and equipment, and hospice medications
  • Counseling about practical issues, including your health care wishes, planning for your financial needs, and tapping
    benefits or additional support from other agencies
  • Help ensuring your physical safety in your living environment
  • Personal care, including bathing and dressing when needed

Team members also offer patients and their families

  • Education about end-of-life
  • Caregiver education and training
  • Emotional counseling and grief support
  • Interfaith spiritual comfort

When to call Columbia Hospice Care

Our patients and their families frequently tell us they wish they had called us earlier, so they could have benefited
that much longer from our personalized care. Patients do get the most benefit from hospice support when care
begins earlier in their illness.

Some signs that it's time to consider hospice care

  • More frequent hospital or emergency room visits
  • An unexplained drop in weight
  • Spending most of the day laying down
  • Shortness of breath while resting